Job Description – Development Director: The Development Director (DD) will work at the
direction of the Executive Director (ED) and collaboratively with other AFDF staff, contractors,
seafood industry, communities, and government agencies to implement AFDF’s programs. This
position is intended to be the lead in the areas of management of the seafood sustainability
certifications; expansion of the Alaska Symphony of Seafood, including sponsorships, entrants,
benefits of winning and promotions; and expansion of AFDF membership. This position will
also support mariculture research and development activities, grant writing and management
to support programs, as well as other programs, as assigned. Some flexibility of job duties may
be possible depending upon experience and education of applicants. Some travel will be
required. Position will ideally be located in Alaska, however, other locations may be
General characteristics of the ideal candidate include:
Self-starter, positive attitude, strong writing skills, public speaking skills, experience/education
in resource management or development, experience in grant writing, management and
reporting, ability to work independently, excellent time management skills and attention to
 For RFM/MSC cod certifications, update the budget, cod allocation, certificates, and
invoice all Client Group Members for participation in the program annually; also provide
support to industry Client Group Members.
 For RFM/MSC salmon certifications, update the budget, salmon harvest date, certificates,
and invoice all Client Group Members for participation in the program annually; also
provide support to industry Client Group Members.
 Facilitate and support satisfaction of conditions/non-conformances related to
certifications; work with industry steering committees by species when industry input is
needed in determining strategic direction.
 Attend meetings of the Association of Sustainable Fisheries (ASF) on behalf of MSCcertified fisheries (Alaska salmon and cod).
 Attend meetings of the Certified Seafood Collaborative (CSC) on behalf of RFM-certified
fisheries (Alaska salmon and cod).
 Attend planning meetings of the Exxon Valdez Oil Spill (EVOS) Mariculture Rehabilitation
and Conservation (Mariculture ReCon) research team.
 Design a communications plan with implementation strategy, including development and
design of outreach materials, media posts and short stories used to further AFDF’s mission
and provide public information on AFDF’s programs and activities to AFDF member and
other pertinent stakeholder groups; collaborate with ED and EA on development of plan
and implementation.

Design a plan and implementation strategy to expand the Alaska Symphony of Seafood,
including funding, entrants, promotions, and benefits to winners; work with AFDF
Symphony Committee.
 Facilitate collaborative partnerships between local governments, non-profit organizations,
higher education institutions, and the private sector to further AFDF programs.
 Prepare list of annual grants for development of project proposals.
 Prepare progress and fiscal reports, as required by funders.
 Provide written and verbal updates for AFDF Board and membership meetings.
 Save and organize all electronic documents in the AFDF Google Team Drive, so other AFDF
staff can access documents at any time.
 Other tasks as identified by the ED.
Required Education/Skills/Knowledge:
• Bachelor’s degree or relevant work experience
• Experience with communications and program development
• Strong communication skills (written and oral)
• Strong ability to work as a productive team member
• Strong personal passion for AFDF’s mission
Preferred Education/Skills/Knowledge:
• Experience with grant writing
• Experience working with small business owners and entrepreneurs
• Experience using Office suite (Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and Outlook)
• Experience with economic development planning
• Experience or education with resource management or development
• Knowledge of the Alaska seafood industry
• Knowledge of coastal communities in Alaska
Compensation: $60,000-65,000/yr depending upon experience, plus benefits including $6,000
health insurance reimbursement

Application materials for position:
• Cover letter (note which job for which you are applying)
• Resume
• Contact information for three or more professional references
Deadline: Applications will be accepted until the positions are filled.
Submit questions and materials to:
Julie Decker, Executive Director
PO Box 2223, Wrangell, AK 99929

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